Just to open the GATE

“GATE” exam is becoming more relevant every year as several Industries, PSUs and Universities have made it mandatory to have a “GATE score” to be selected or obtain admission in their institutions.

The exam sifts above average students from “not so above average” students. It is, therefore, tougher than ordinary college exams.

Students used to ordinary college exams, find it difficult to even qualify, let alone get a good score, unless they attend some coaching class.

I have been teaching in such coaching institutes for over 5 yrs now,  (after retirement from, Army, Public Sector and Professorship in Colleges). With the experience of teaching more than 50 such batches, I have noticed some common problems in concept understanding and in solving problems.

I attempt to answer these areas in the blog. It is meant for students and faculty.

In the process, many other issues inevitably get addressed.

Photo Brig Rao